Materials Modeling

Human skin model for scar widening

Scar widening is a significant issue in plastic surgery. Scar widening is a phenomenon which is observed on the skin after removing suture, mainly caused by skin tension. If a scar is too serious, it could grow to abnormal scar such as keloid. Thus, it greatly affects the satisfaction of surgery and the prediction of it is investigated in the engineering area. Some researchers constructed the models which contain the effect of skin tension or measure the mechanical properties of skin. However, they did not relate their result to scar widening or other practical issues. Here we aim to propose a criterion for finding skin tension by using surgery data. We need to construct a finite element model of skin and find the skin tension which the normal skin has by nature. And we add a scar element to our model, which has a higher elastic modulus than normal tissue. Then based on skin tension data, it is expected to find out the final size and shape of a scar.