DNA Nanotechnology

Smart DNA machines and robots

Creating an autonomous machine that performs a complicated task at the molecular level is the ultimate goal in nanotechnology. More than a decade has been passed since the introduction of scaffolded DNA origami, which uses a long and many short DNA strands to make self-assembled nanostructures with sub-nanometer scale precision. DNA origami has the advantage to create dynamic nanostructures, which is extremely difficult to realize using other materials or nanofabrication methods because their geometric and kinetic properties are well understood. Here we aim to design high-performance kinematic mechanisms for reconfigurable DNA origami nanostructures based on our multiscale computational analysis methods. Such mechanism, triggered by ion concentration, temperature, or light with specific wavelength, can be used for sensing, manipulating, and transporting nanomaterials with single-molecule scale.

* Chanseok Lee, Jae Young Lee, Do-Nyun Kim, "Polymorphic design of DNA origami structures through mechanical control of modular components", Nature Communications (2017).